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The easiest way to tell you who S3 Weaponworks is, is to tell you why S3 Weaponworks is. In the earliest stages of our business inception, there was a huge void locally for a shop that offered full services as well as the ability to personalize, customize, or specialize firearm projects. So many shops were either difficult to get to due to hours of operations, second jobs, or expensive and centered on the wrong mentality. We want to be your one stop gun shop in Southern Maine. Hopefully not hidden so much, but the shop here to help you make your firearm everything you could hope or dream for. From gunsmithing, to Cerakote, to custom builds, and NFA everything. We're here for you. A full range of products, services, training, and personalized customer service to fulfill all your firearm needs.

Our Team

John Mohr

Founder / Armorer

Nicole Mohr


Shawn Beighley

Armorer / Research and Design

Damien Mohr

Sales and Marketing

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